Faster Phil!

If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it!

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£60 for my official marathon photos??!??! Seriously, how about your lower the price so that everyone will buy them, you’ll make just as much money but have happier customers and go to heaven?

Well?? WELL??!

PS - view the proofs for free kids ;-)  - I’m even smiling in some of them!

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My sports therapist went to work on my sore legs this evening. That woman is a MIRACLE worker. My legs are only a dull ache now and 1000x better. Amazing.

She also said that all of the problems that caused my shin pain had resolved and my muscle tone had improved dramatically. Awesome!!

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Those last three miles

I had been on my feet for 5 hours before I reached the final three miles. Yet I ran them, at a decent pace too.

So next time I’m nearing the end of a 5/10K I have to remind myself that YES you can keep going, and YES you can speed up now

Today I shall be mostly hobbling around like I sharted.

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