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Here is my summary of my first offical 10K. I will keep it short and let you look at the pictures :)

The whole run felt fantastic, I started off near the back but found myself passing people throughout the whole race. Passing people who looked pretty fit felt really good and a got a few dirty looks! There was only one big hill to climb and the sun was blazing down on us. The water station at 5K was a welcome sight, however I now know I cannot drink from a small cup and run, I ended up soaking wet which was nice in itself!

I really really wanted a sub 1 hour time and I finished in 58 minutes! It was lovely to have my dad along with Amy and her mom cheering me on at the finish!

Here is a video that Amy took at the start

and one of me finishing (note the jelly legs as I try and stop!)

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  1. runtastic said: CONGRATULATIONS!! Half marathon next?
  2. earsturneddeaf said: woo hoo! go Phil! :D
  3. engineering-fitness said: GREAT job!
  4. jayy-r-bee said: Great time on the 10k! Congrats!
  5. threeseventythree said: Pinch the cup and drink on the side if your mouth:)
  6. runsforredvelvet said: Great job! So happy for you!!
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