Faster Phil!

If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it!

  1. bikinisummer said: I am not really a Ben fan… But hopefully it’s good!
  2. runjuzzrun said: Oh that’s disappointing, I’m waiting for a copy to arrive. Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered…
  3. stuckinrunningmode said: Just read his blog for free surely?
  4. angelasactivelife said: Wow glad you said that… I was gonna buy it for my nook but if it has blank pages that’s kind of a waste lol
  5. hwy283 said: Uh oh
  6. sazsimpson said: Let me know if its any good
  7. pharmkitten said: I wasn’t terribly impressed.
  8. dodorunrun said: I was disappointed to see that as well.
  9. countdowntooz said: The whole thing is a big farce in my opinion.
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