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Retail therapy to ease my heart!

I went back to my trusty running shoe store and started from scratch. Out of all the pairs which I tried, these felt the most……..well…….actually they didn’t feel like I had them on, which is exactly what I wanted. The guy also presented me with the same shoe I currently run in. I don’t like my current shoe, they feel heavy and I am convinced they are the cause of my shin splints. Resentment, disgust and loathing swelled inside me just seeing the same model as my existing shoes so I took that as a good sign that my subconscious ‘sub 2 hour marathon runner’ knew that they were the cause of my problems. They went in the no pile without even trying them on!

Also, in related news, my half marathon number arrived for the 20th!

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  1. losingitall said: You know you have to beat your bib number, right!
  2. high-heel-mileage said: I like them! Now put ‘em on and run that booty over here!
  3. michaeldoeslife said: brooks adreneline gts? We have the same exact shoe.. i just got it in the same color.
  4. iwas262lb said: I’m still waiting for mine to come!
  5. newlifenat said: Retail therapy usually does the trick! I’m not sure how you two do it. We do 2 weeks away, 1 week home and it’s hard!
  6. sazsimpson said: well hello mr speedy orange!
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