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What a day. Trying to choose my 10 favourite pictures was tough enough, never mind that dull ache in my legs that will be with me for a few days. What a wonderful reminder of such hard work.

Dad and me arrived in good time and worked out where I needed to go, where the finish was and spotted a few celebrity athletes. I think I was rather ambitious when I registered, as I found myself in the fastest wave! Taking a look at the runners around me left me thinking “uh oh”. As we were released in waves, by mile 3 I was almost completely alone, which let me tell you, is very strange and not overly pleasant. Soon enough though the following 18,000 people caught me up and it was back to a very dense busy event.

Highlights for me include seeing the elite runners, the Wolverhampton Jamaican Bobsleigh Team, the great bands, the cruelty of running past the Cadbury HQ plus all the incredible supporters which seem to be at every Great Run event. Those people who live around the course made a party out of it, playing music from their windows, having garden parties and generally cheering everyone on. Days like today restore any doubts about humanity (yes, even in Birmingham!)

And then we come to Mile 12. OH MY GOODNESS. That has to be one of the most evil hills I have EVER run up. Now, I had heard rumours but nothing prepared me for that. Absolutely crazy. Runkeeper also congratulated me on largest hill climb of any run ever.

Afterwards I met with my aunty, we had a great lunch and then home to examine my “winnings” and for the first time ever, find myself on TV!

Hungry like the wolf —> all things have been eaten.

2:16 official time. (faster than Hamburg by 15 mins)

Roll on the Great South Run next weekend.

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  1. sonjaruns said: Legendary! So proud of you - but I’ll smash you in Amsterdam anyway ;)
  2. iwas262lb said: I’m so jealous you got to see the elites!
  3. thelittledominicanruns said: Looks like a blast!
  4. coachgirl311 said: Awesome job!! :-D
  5. shortmom said: Sweet!!!
  6. temporarytransplant said: Hey hey you were in my hometown and I think it went through my area too! Congrats!
  7. sazsimpson said: Yay!! Go u!! That’s sneaky of galaxy to get chocolate in the bag when you have to run past Cadbury! You’ll smash next week too!
  8. ahalfprincessintraining said: Congrats!