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A few more pictures from yesterdays race. I always enjoy the GSR but this year especially so. My legs felt very stiff for the first few miles, but by mile 6 I just wanted to run faster and faster! Only, I was foiled by people in my way. I started at the back of the white wave because I didn’t want a repeat of last weeks overtaking ‘fest’, I’d have been better near the front of the white wave. The run felt short, I felt strong and I am full of enthusiasm for marathon training.

I’ve decided that I am done with the scales. They just depress me. I am also done with Weight Watchers. Tracking just feels like a chore and it isn’t normal. Most everyone else manages to eat sensibly and stay in shape and I bet many of those are not as fit as I am right now (I am heavier than the last time I ran 10 miles and I still got a similar time). If I strive for eating like a normal person plus add in the marathon training then this weight will come off. I feel fit, I feel healthy, I just want my old clothes to fit and to get some more confidence back.

So currently hydrating and eyeing up the fruit on my desk.

In contradictory news I am short tempered, feel a bit meh and generally am already done with today. Listening to Tool is getting me through. No cause for alarm, I think its post run blues and missing Amy like crazy!

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  1. missmarisol said: I just got back on WW. Even though I’ve lost 100 pounds, I still lose my way.
  2. littlemissyoullgofar said: The battle of the scale is horrible. I’ve recently broken up with mine. Im hoping this works. But you look good!! Your face looks thin. Keep going xo
  3. stuckinrunningmode said: You’re going over there soon aren’t you? I’m the same with tracking. I almost have to hynotise myself into it.
  4. losingitall said: I hope Portsmouth looks as nice in reality as in your photos, it looks lovely.
  5. posy43 said: so long as you listen to your body and eat when your hungry rather than when you think you should be eating or just feel like snacking, you will do just fine..providing of course you stick to healthy food and not chocolate and chips :)
  6. fatgirlvsgym said: I’m feeling similar today!! I wish I had fruit to eye. Lol
  7. tri-me said: Congrats on the race! I do agree in part about WW. I’ve stopped my monthly sub to WW ($42/month!) and am now using MyFitnessPal (free) - iPhone app, desktop link, *and* barcode scanning, which I *love*. Tracking helps me (mostly) say no to junk food
  8. nerdycutehippo said: God, I have been off tumblr for a few months and you look so great! Awesome!
  9. fromlazytolively said: You’re looking fit! I like you’re way of thinking! Less than a month till you’re back with Amy!
  10. iwas262lb said: I feel your pain with the food logging. Iv basically stopped and haven’t logged properly in probably a month and have only lost a kg but I feel smaller so yeah fuck the sale fuck the tracking just do what feels right for you xx