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I set out to do my interval threshold run and after my first lap I see around 30 runners congregated literally 20m outside my house. I enquired as to what was going on and apparently they have been meeting every week for two years. I was utterly oblivious and I had been sulking that there isn’t a group near me!!!

The deal is that they agree a short route and everyone sets off. Those at the front occasionally run back to the back to check everyone is alright. I was delighted to find I was amongst the fastest and most experienced. Huge confidence boost! After a 2 mile loop we split and one of the experienced runners looks after the newbies - I volunteered and had 7 new(ish) runners with me.

We got up to 7km and I loved every second of helping, coaching and motivating.

What an evening!!

GPOY i actually made that face before I went out but it seemed fitting edition

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  1. tinkerbellrun said: How cool!
  2. temporarytransplant said: i had to stop myself from laughing hysterically at the running group part, as if it took you so long to find them!
  3. victoriafindslife said: that is awesome sauce that a group is so close to you!
  4. zarafitblr said: Sweet! What a great motivation to run every week!
  5. high-heel-mileage said: You took pics of unsuspecting strangers. We really are soulmates.