Faster Phil!

If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it!

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  • Follow Amy’s advice in obtaining ice packs

Step 2

  • Run

Step 3

  • sigh……….remember to have put ice packs in the freezer

Its been 6 days since I last ran when I could hardly walk and around 2 mins into this run the uncomfortable feeling in my shins was back. But with a little self pep talk I knuckled down and got in a 29:30 5K. You can see the point where my mindset changed in my pace above! The pain eased off a few minutes later.

I think running more slowly, plodding along on the longer runs, is actually causing me problems because my form changes. At speed I seem to be OK. The solution? Run faster obviously!

PS -thank you puddle in the dark 200m from the end of my run that drenched my feet

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